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Opinion: No one expected a pandemic in 102 years

Today, President Donald Trump signed a peace deal with Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain at the White House. This is one to watch as Israel continues to steady relations in the Middle East despite Palestinian and internal opposition.

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The Christian Church Revival (Series)

July 3, 2020 Written by: Tasha Ann Miller It is raining now. The dry bones live. The message spreads like the sounds of wind rushing through a tunnel and the triumphant joy lays out before the face of God in adoration at his glory. His power is evidently interrupting every life in its transformative and […]


Racism Is Not The Problem, Love and Forgiveness Is

June 4, 2020 Written by: Tasha Ann Miller Racism is not starting over. It was never stopped. I am not writing to favor any side or color over another so you will be disappointed if that is what you were expecting. I am black, and I love my people. I love all people, therefore, I […]