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What are the new CXC recommendations from COHSOD?

Written by Tasha Ann Miller May 20, 2021 The Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD)- Education should present the new recommendations that the Caribbean Examinations Council needs to address before exams begin in June. COHSOD had previously agreed with CXC for the examinations to be conducted in it’s normal state. This agreement came during […]

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Schools Reopening in Jamaica

The effort continues to remain collaborative amongst the stakeholders in the Jamaican education sector as a unified force is needed to get the children learning again safely.

education News The CXC Blog Series

The CXC News Tracker

The links below highlight the latest news on the reopening plans for some schools across the Caribbean. The challenge is still present as COVID19 is a real threat to the well being of students even as their education is also equally important. The policies will need to be continuously adjusted and monitored in sync with […]