Jamaica’s Low Vaccination Take Up

Written by Tasha Ann Miller

August 9, 2021

There is an heightened fear as Jamaica’s COVID19 cases are increasing and several hospitals are at capacity for COVID19 patients. The low vaccination take up is now a major roadblock in the country’s efforts to manage the pandemic and reduce the spread of the virus. Only 9% of the overall population is vaccinated as per The Ministry of Health’s vaccination tracker as at July 16, 2021. This is dismally low compared to other countries in the Latin America and Caribbean region. A recent Congressional Research Service report stated that Jamaica was among a group of countries with a vaccination rate per 100,000 of less than 5%. The other countries mentioned were Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

The Ministry of Health will resume island wide vaccinations today.

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, will address the nation in a few hours as the current COVID19 containment measures expire on Tuesday, August 10, 2021.

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By Tasha Miller

I am a Christian journalist with a passion for providing insightful and relevant information to the public. I write about education, politics, Christianity, and other areas. My focus is to provide factual and clear details so that people can be thoroughly equipped within this new age of media. I am a trained journalist with about three years of experience working in media professionally as a producer and production assistant. Follow my blog for dynamic and fresh content which will soon include exclusive content such as mini-documentaries, and feature pieces.

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