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Bible Prophecies?

Written by Tasha Ann Miller

There is so much happening today that the bible says would be happening. Even though everything is never fully revealed to man, the prophets in the Bible and today continue to be a channel for God to speak to His people. In this upcoming article, I’ll look at how prophecies transcends time and location in understanding their relevance to today. Also, a brief overview of how many are yet to be fulfilled. There is also the disclaimer about false prophets and high deception in the final days before the second coming of Christ.

Therefore, it is important to read the Bible more than the news, and trust the teaching of the Holy Spirit who knows all things.

God’s word is living, and is always in effect. I hope your excited as I am to spend more time with Him. ☺

By Tasha Miller

I am a Christian journalist with a passion for providing insightful and relevant information to the public. I write about education, politics, Christianity, and other areas. My focus is to provide factual and clear details so that people can be thoroughly equipped within this new age of media. I am a trained journalist with about three years of experience working in media professionally as a producer and production assistant. Follow my blog for dynamic and fresh content which will soon include exclusive content such as mini-documentaries, and feature pieces.

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