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Opinion: No one expected a pandemic in 102 years

Today, President Donald Trump signed a peace deal with Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain at the White House. This is one to watch as Israel continues to steady relations in the Middle East despite Palestinian and internal opposition.

September 15, 2020

Written by: Tasha Ann Miller

There is no sense in fearing what might never become a reality. However, there is a concern for your reality when it is looking like your fears. The attention of the world has been struck by a stiff-necked pandemic that lingers unconscionably. It’s cold. The surface reality for many is the shining of hope at the end of the tunnel that sustains them from day to day. The last global pandemic was the 1918 flu, the H1N1 virus.

Is everything seasonal? The flowers die in winter and come alive in Spring. Like stock prices fall and then goes up again. Some businesses die, some reborn, some have created history. What determines your fate?

Technology Race 

The age of online technology becoming the center stage of society is here. COVID has shifted this into gear a little earlier than expected. Adaptation means letting go of your comfort zone, it means being willing to take on something new and expand for growth. The global economic contraction expected during COVID19 is still projections. People must become sensitive to the trepidation of projections and maintain a grip on their saneness.

The data scientists are churning out stats every day, and while it can be beneficial, it creates some level of anxiety too. Unemployment figures, economic contraction projections, and COVID19 cases – this is a lot of data to process. Therefore, I encourage you in the rush for everything online to make a decision to abruptly cut or interrupt the time spent reading the news whenever you feel overwhelmed. Otherwise, you will become a screen zombie and a foreigner to the outside. There must be deliberate and calculated time outside of your screen hours as you cope during this pandemic. It is why I am strongly opposed to a lock down of countries if it is not urgently necessary?

How will education fare?

The transition for children back to the classroom is still the most difficult test yet of this pandemic. Children are accustomed to the freedom of movement and lack of social or physical distancing. It is a strange concept to break down for them, and that is why I believe that schools should be doing more sacrificially so children can engage with each other in controlled sanitized environments. They should allow them the necessity of socialization in controlled capacities while using screen-based technology or graphics to promote hand washing, and mask-wearing.

Most parents will opt to not send children back to school in the initial stages until they are confident enough to trust the process. However, they must ensure that children have some form of social interaction with peers. The world of children is vastly different from adults and they must not be treated as militarized partners in this pandemic. Psychologically, they will not be equipped to handle that extreme level of pressure to conform to all the distance requirements of this pandemic. Furthermore, online learning is still not accessible to most, so the reopening of schools in practical and manageable circumstances will become necessary to fill that gap.

My proposal is that constant monitoring to ensure sanitization is done by students, along with periodic breaks of social interaction in a controlled way will help to lessen the adjustment effects for students. Furthermore, parents should not live in fear as children will need to learn to adjust to learning during this pandemic.

The time-lapse of world history is shifting quickly

The pandemic has pushed political timelines up very quickly as the change in power and the exit from alliances dominates headlines. In a remarkable age like the book of Daniel, political tensions have been ripening worldwide as the prophetic book continues to be fulfilled. At the top is the United States upcoming elections in November, where the Republican, Donald Trump, and the Democratic, Joe Biden goes neck to neck in the polls to decide the fate of America and worldwide relations. However, there have been some increased tensions in smaller nations such as Belarus, Lebanon, and the flurry of peace deals with Israel nations in the Middle East. 

There is movement besides the pandemic, and there is so much that is happening around it. You must step outside of the veil of the pandemic to see clearly. Today, I heard briefly on the news that China was in its final stages of having a COVID19 vaccine ready for testing. They have been very silent in regards to the Western and European race to develop a vaccine for COVID19. Now, they are at the front of the race with a likely November rollout. 

Today, President Donald Trump signed a peace deal with Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain at the White House. This is one to watch as Israel continues to steady relations in the Middle East despite Palestinian and internal opposition.

Spiritual focus

The COVID19 pandemic has ripped and torn thousands of lives leaving behind a debilitating trail of issues. However, it has ironically created togetherness despite its divisive nature. Politically, people are calling for real change as there are shifts in power during the pandemic. There is a call for a more united effort in government despite political parties and the colors of a country’s flag. In fact, there is a spiritual shift happening so big at the start of this decade that will really affects what happens in the future days. We can never truly understand the mysteries of God as some things are sealed.

There is another virus that continues to plague the world – corruption. In nations such as Lebanon, people who have suffered at the hands’ of leaders who have abused their power are coming together to protest for change in their country’s corrupt government. The devastating and horrific explosion was the infestation of a rotting sore of state corruption that needed to be broken. Therefore, people all across the world are looking for hope and transparency.

The prophets of the Old Testament like Daniel have shown us how God’s will is achieved through kingdoms and political powers. These prophets also show how Israel continues to be the central force of everything concerning his return and how other nations (Gentiles) will be engrafted into the chosen nation and people. 

The Bible is the living word of God. A word that is active and foretelling. Later on, as the Bible guides us, nations will rebel against Israel at the time of the deception of the anti-Christ. It’s not just good to study the Bible and world events, but it’s better when you are redeemed as a believer as the price has already being paid by Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate Saviour and King of the World and the spiritual battles taking place in heaven and on earth are to fulfill his rule. His chosen people who believes in Him are not fearful or surprised at world events and crises because our promise is eternal life and reign with Christ forever.

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.5

Romans 10:9


By Tasha Miller

I am a Christian journalist with a passion for providing insightful and relevant information to the public. I write about education, politics, Christianity, and other areas. My focus is to provide factual and clear details so that people can be thoroughly equipped within this new age of media. I am a trained journalist with about three years of experience working in media professionally as a producer and production assistant. Follow my blog for dynamic and fresh content which will soon include exclusive content such as mini-documentaries, and feature pieces.

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